Installation method

Industrial fast doors



Constructively, this type of high-speed PVC rolling shutters is dimensionally limited according to the maximum dimensions of the clear opening, width: 4000 mm, and height 4000 mm. Dimensions of the door, take up during installation, space left and right, from the light opening, 160 mm, and height, 550 mm, which gives the maximum nominal dimension: width 4320 mm, and height 4550 mm. , to mount the motor on the shaft, left or right, and it takes up a space of an additional 200 mm.

It should be taken into account that when preparing the opening, leave an additional 30 – 50 mm, space in height, for installation. And for the engine, to get on the shaft, an additional 150 mm.

According to the depth of the space, the vertical consoles occupy 220 mm, and the overhead console (drum) with a motor-reducer, 410 mm. Under the engine, it is necessary to have free space for mounting the CS310 control box.

In the event that the existing opening does not have the conditions for installation, the practice is to provide the necessary conditions with a metal construction or similar, at the expense of reducing the light opening.

*The given data does not apply to the type Quick-closing doors, because it allows larger opening dimensions.


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