Types of fast doors


High-speed industrial PVC doors are a product intended to separate the space inside production halls, distribution centers and similar facilities. Thanks to their characteristics, they primarily provide fast communication between vehicles and personnel through them.

High-speed rolling shutters are tested and meet the European regulation EN13241 which prescribes standards for products in this category. We are proud to have developed a product that is safe and secure and has a high degree of usability in a wide range of facilities.

Rolomatik offers three types of fast PVC doors, namely Fast rolling shutters, Quick rolling shutter ZIP doors and Quick folding doors. Whatever type of door you choose, you will get a safe, reliable and long-lasting product.

  Fast roller doors


Fast communication through the door is achieved by fast vertical lifting of the entire sheath, winding on the drum above the door, which is driven by special motor-reducers that provide speeds of up to 0.8 m / s.

The curtain remains in the side guides at all times, and in contact with the brushes, which provide additional sealing, in parallel, solid energy conservation.

The entire metal construction is made of galvanized steel.

High-speed PVC doors are usually installed on the wall, so that the bright opening of the passage remains completely free for communication.


  Fast folding doors


  • Fast-closing doors differ from the previous two types in that the mantle is not wound on the drum, but is collected below the upper edge of the opening. This is achieved through belts that are placed vertically along the mantle.
  • Due to its robust construction, this type of high-speed PVC door is a suitable solution for closing large openings.
  • It has excellent wind resistance, so it is recommended for external parts of the building.


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