Beninca JIM


JIM is a drive for segment door automation up to 11 m², and is also available with a built-in energy saving system (ESA SYSTEM).
Equipped with LED lighting light, JIM is the perfect solution for segment door automation with belt or chain drive rails.
The version that uses 24V DC voltage ensures maximum safety and the ability to operate the motor even in the event of a power failure thanks to the battery. Also, the built-in encoder provides the best precision during the door operation phases.

Supplied with one two-channel remote control TO.GO2VV.

New BEMOVE system for remote control of automatic access.

Through scenario management, the use of time-lapse devices or the activation of controls via the GPS function on the smartphone, this system does everything you want, when you want it and especially when you are away. Quick and easy system configuration thanks to integrated installation guides and step-by-step instructions.

  Remote device activation and control

You can open and close the automation device and easily check its status from the application. There is no longer a need to check if you have left the door open: BEMOVE will check you at any time.

  GPS control

Save your location and adjust the range, and then you can send a command to activate the automation device. It has never been so easy to return home.

  Manage credentials to access time zones

Choose who to play and when. With the time range function, you can authorize users to operate, check, and control a garage door or gate. The right access control system for your home, office or company;

Remote controls

They are available with one or four buttons for different functions, door and light control

Photo cells

In addition to the standard protection system, they provide additional security

Signal lamp

Ideal for attracting attention. When the door moves, the signal lamp lights up using energy-efficient LED technology


Lock to unlock the door with a key when there is no power.

  • Namena: za vrata do 123 kg/11 m2
  • Priključak: 230-240V AC 50Hz
  • Motor: 24V DC
  • Brzina vrata: 150 mm/s
  • Maksimalna sila dizanja: 600N


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