Comfort series 200


  • The drives from this series are the most popular models that use the latest technologies of modern LED light and a reliable system of remote controls.
  • They are energy efficient, and can be with a built-in battery.
  • It is possible to operate the garage door via a mobile phone.

  Comfort series 300


  • The Comfort 300 Series is designed to impress: With its high gloss white exterior, modern LED light, high opening speed and practical steering functions.
  • It uses Blue-line technology that is extremely energy efficient so it saves money and protects the environment.
  • It is possible to operate the garage door via a mobile phone.
  • The Comfort 300 Series uses innovative EOS and MSBUS systems.

There are two cables on the door that are wound on drums, in case one of them breaks, it prevents the door from falling. In the event of a spring break, there is a special brake on the spring suspension mechanism to lock the door. There is a mechanism in the motor that prevents the door from falling.

Maveo is with you all day. Your smartphone, which is next to you, opens the door for you. Of course, more and more functions can be expanded. We have developed a maveo with you in mind from the beginning. That is why it is intuitive to use, not only for garage doors and gates.

Use maveo intuitively using the maveo app on your smartphone or tablet. Customize your maveo with a few clicks through scenarios. Practically. Intuitively. maveo …

The app is available for free download from the Google Play platform for Android and the AppStore platform for iPhone;

With secure communication via 256-bit encryption, you will have the key that is always with you – your smartphone. You will receive real-time notifications when the door opens or closes. You will be able to create an opening and closing schedule according to your needs. You will control and manage doors from anywhere on the planet.

Photo cells

In addition to the standard protection system, they provide additional security

Signal lamp

Ideal for attracting attention. When the door moves, the signal lamp lights up using energy-efficient LED technology.

Remote control module

Allows you to easily extend the control unit to wireless control

Remote controls

They are available with one or four buttons for various functions, door and light control

Internal key

Control and control the system from the inside with three buttons with the OPEN / STOP / CLOSED functions. The buttons are marked with clear symbols.


Waterproof outdoor unit for key management and control system.

Wireless PIN keypad

External system management and control unit using a four-digit PIN code. Waterproof, with illuminated buttons and protected from vandalism.

Čitač kartica

Laka za upotrebu kontrola uređaja preko čitača kartica ili privezaka, za maksimalno 2000 korisnika.

  • unique programming structure
  • fast programming in just 3 steps
  • Plug & amp; Play feature
  • fixed position of all function menus
  • precise display, logical and practical
  • easy connection via coded system socket
  • automatic recognition of connected modules
  • constant control of all BUS devices
  • easy programming of functions on the device itself
  • centralized notifications of failure of any module

Technology that saves money and protects the environment.

Maximum energy efficiency is reflected in the minimum power consumption (up to 0.6 W) at rest

A higher door lifting speed (up to 235 mm / s) is achieved, regardless of whether the system is with a chain or a toothed belt

Comfort series 200

Comfort series 300


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