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Types of segmental industrial door panels


Rolomatik, in cooperation with renowned manufacturers Kingspan from Ireland and Italpannelli from Italy, can offer you top-quality panels.

MR panels


The MR panel features a modern design with application in the form of lines on a smooth surface.
The connection system of this type of panel is Traditional.
The construction of the panel allows application on openings of maximum width.

* It only exists in the microrib pattern.
* All colors apply to him.
* The merger is traditional.

IL panels

The IL panel has a design in the form of narrow planks, placed horizontally. Hence the name ship floor.
As with the MR panel, the IL panel has a Traditional connection. Also, thanks to the construction, the panel is used for openings of maximum dimensions.

* Exists only in stucco design.
* All colors apply to it.
* Merging is traditional.

FV panels


The PV panel consists of aluminum profiles and filling which can be made of different materials.
The doors made of this panel have a unique and refined look with a lot of light that lets into the room.

rolomatik-standardne-boje-panelaThere is a choice of panel colors according to the RAL K7 Classic color chart.

The outer surface of the panel can be made in the Stucco or Microrib pattern.

MR i IL panels

FV panel


continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet thickness 0,5 mm [95% Zn, 5% Al]

aluminum profiles without thermal break

Panel thickness

40 mm

40 mm


500 ili 610 mm

od 500 do 700 mm


Polyurethane [PUR] -density 38 kg/m3

Plexi / Plexi thermo, lexan, perforated sheet

Panel connection


Wind load

Class 5 [1300 Pa]

Sound insulation


Thermal conductivity

0,51 W/m2K

Plexi or Plexi thermo


Perforated sheet metal

Sandwich sheet metal


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