Types of ramps

Rolomatik loading ramps are designed to be strong and durable. At the same time, they are affordable and with a reasonable delivery time.


We offer four types of ramps: radial, telescopic, mini and manual loading ramp. The first two types represent the latest generation of electro-hydraulic loading ramps and are very easy to operate. During loading and unloading, every movement of the vehicle up and down is monitored automatically. These loading ramps are also suitable for loading or unloading the so-called “lower load”, below the floor level of the warehouse.

For mini and manual loading ramps, control is done manually.

  Radial ramp


This loading ramp has a tab that is located at the top of the platform and which is connected to the ramp with strong hinges. During use, the tab is tilted towards the vehicle and lowered onto the load compartment of the vehicle with the platform.


  • Very robust and reliable
  • Freestanding base frame
  • 1-button control box
  • 2 master cylinders and 1 tab cylinder
  • CE mark of conformity with standard EN 1398

  Mini ramp


Mini loading ramps are an ideal solution for situations where the height between the floor of the warehouse and the truck is small (eg the entire fleet of the same trucks). It can be installed in a pit in the floor or on the edge in front of the warehouse door. It is installed quickly, so it is suitable for replacing existing obsolete and unsafe loading ramps.


  • High quality workmanship
  • Compact and practical
  • Easy to use
  • CE mark of conformity with standard EN 1398

  Telescopic ramp


In the case of a telescopic loading ramp, the tab is located below the platform. During use, the tab is pulled out and placed flush with the platform. When fully extended, it descends to the vehicle’s cargo area.


  • Very robust and reliable
  • Freestanding base frame
  • 4-button control box with automatic return function
  • 2 master cylinders and 1 tab cylinder
  • CE mark of conformity with standard EN 1398

  Hand ramp


This type of loading ramps allows bridging the greater difference in height between the warehouse floor and the vehicle floor. It is possible to successfully overcome the difference of 250 mm. They are available in stationary or sliding variants. The spring system, which is applied to this type of loading ramps, enables the work of one person during manipulation. It locks automatically and thus prevents unwanted movement of the ramp.


  • High quality workmanship
  • Servicing by one person only
  • Automatic position lock
  • Maintenance-free spring system
  • CE mark of conformity with standard EN 1398

Standard security functions*

  • Fully hydraulic safety stop
  • Stop switch with reset (panic button)
  • Non-retractable sliding foot guards
  • Robust, steel transverse switch holders (cross movement)
  • Black / yellow safety labels
  • Non-removable maintenance support
  • Motor protection by thermal relay
  • Control panel instruction symbols

* Applicable to radial and telescopic type loading ramps

Curtains, traffic lights, bumpers, glands


The curtain is mainly used in situations where it is necessary to achieve optimal sealing, as well as where there are large differences in the size of the vehicle. In addition, it is suitable for use as a pass protection

  • Optimal aesthetic finish
  • Robust folds made of durable material
  • Continuous cover prevents leakage
  • Lateral drainage
  • Stiffness under lateral loading

Wireless PIN keypad

External system management and control unit using a four-digit PIN code. Waterproof, with illuminated buttons and protected from vandalism.

Card reader

Easy-to-use device controls via card reader or keychains, for a maximum of 2000 users.


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