Production and installation of industrial and garage doors.


We are Rolomatik. We are leaders in the production and installation of industrial and garage doors. We have been brought to this position by hard and dedicated work from the very beginning in 1990. We started as a small company for the production of aluminum roller doors. Over the years, we have adopted new concepts and conquered new technologies, so now we offer customers products of exceptional quality. Today, we have grown, developed into a strong company that establishes an interactive relationship with the investor, from the idea to the execution of works. We build lasting, professional and fair relationships with partners. We take our responsibilities to society, employees, the community and the environment seriously.

In addition to industrial and garage doors, a significant part of the business relates to production, engineering, trade and services in the manufacture and installation of carpentry, steel structures for a wide range of purposes, facade, roofing and sheet metal work, hydro and thermal insulation work.

Our mission is to maintain, develop and advance our position as a market leader. With professional and motivated employees, we want to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, innovate and develop new products and the way they are applied in order to achieve long-term customer satisfaction and commitment.

Our vision is to operate as a company that constantly sets higher standards in business, not only introduces new habits and trends, but also anticipates and creates them through the introduction of modern technologies and monitoring European and world trends and parameters in terms of product quality and business organization.

Confirmation of our right path is a positive assessment of the established management system that is maintained and able to meet the requirements of international standards in the field of quality management (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) and safety and health at work (OHSAS 18001).

We want to remain a recognizable brand on the market, known for family tradition, hard work, high quality products and services, development and nurturing of its relations with employees, increasing environmental awareness, prevention of environmental pollution and improving the rational use and consumption of energy.

You can view the quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health policy applied by Rolomatik here.