Steel constructions

With many years of experience in production of steel constructions, we are offering optimal solutions for construction industry.

In production of steel primary and secondary constructions, Rolomatik offers to You:

  • designing,
  • production,
  • timely delivery
  • and installation on-site.


In order to make the works complete a significant place in the production is taken by the plant for production of steel constructions and parts for:

    • production halls
    • warehouses
    • sport halls
    • test stations
    • car showrooms
  • cold storages
  • farms
  • agricultural structures
  • office and housing structures

Celicne konstrukcije

Celicne konstrukcije

Steel offers a few advantages over other construction materials. It is a ”green” product as it is structurally healthy and produced in accordance with strict specifications and tolerances. It is also energy efficient. All the surplus of material can be 100% recycled. Steel will not be easy to distort, twist, turn or bend, so that it is easy for modifying and provides flexibility when designing. It is simple for installation and cost effective. Steel as material improves the quality of construction with less maintenance offering greater security and resilience.