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Drive and electronics

Industrial roller doors



  • Designed for difficult working conditions and requires no maintenance.
  • Engine power 0.85 – 1.1 kW and torque 300 – 500 Nm.
  • It has an integrated safety device that stops the engine in case of failure.

  Control unit CS 310

The CS 310 control unit allows easy system control and is standard.

External control unit functions and benefits:

  • Programming using the 3-way navigation key on the clear text LC display
  • Convenient programming of digital limit switches on the control unit itself
  • Various connection blocks for connecting control devices and safety devices
  • Integrated error log
  • 4 programmable relay outputs and two programmable inputs
  • Integrated MS-BUS interface for connecting expansion modules
  • Integrated protection for the second shutdown option is built-in as standard
  • Powerful power supply for other devices (24 volts DC / 500 mA)
  • FU motor versions are automatically recognized by control and special functions

  Manual command

In the event of a power failure or power failure, it is possible to operate the drive manually using a hand lever or chain.


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