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Types of lamellas for industrial doors

Aluminum lamella


We present a lamella for industrial doors with exceptional characteristics, especially suitable for large spans when closing openings. This lamella was completely developed by Rolomatik.

Patented lamella made of aluminum alloy AlMgSi05. The profile is a double-walled extruded Type 3, with polyurethane [PUR] thermal insulation. It can be plasticized in color according to the RAL Classic 7 card or anodized in the natural color of aluminum. It is suitable for extremely large opening ranges up to 12 m wide.

Steel lamella


Lamella made of steel profiled sheet metal 0.4 mm thick, double galvanized and plasticized in color according to the RAL Classic 7 card, with thermal insulation made of polyurethane [PUR].

The dimensions of the lamella are:

  • height of visible part – 90 mm,
  • thickness – 18 mm,
  • maximum length is 6 m.

It is used for both industrial and garage doors.


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