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Additional equipment

Industrial sectional doors


  Pedestrian gate

The pedestrian door is equipped with a locking lock and a gas automatic self-closing machine.

In addition to the standard method of installing pedestrian doors, where there is a threshold of 120 mm, Rolomatik delivers pedestrian doors made with a low threshold. The low threshold can be made of aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the user’s needs.

We offer a set for making pedestrian doors, which contains all the necessary parts and instructions for making and installing.

For those who want to make a pedestrian door of non-standard dimensions, the right solution are aluminum profiles 6 m long that can be cut to the desired length. Also, a hinge assembly, 2.5 m long, is in our standard offer.

Previously, accessories for Rolomatik sectional doors were presented, and below you can see the accessories and accessories that can be installed and upgrade the entire system.

In addition to the basic function of lighting a space that is closed by a door, windows as high-quality accessories can enhance the look of the door and give a special look to the whole house or building.

The manual opening handles are also made of quality material and allow the door to be opened in situations when the power supply to the drive is lost.
Ventilation grilles can be installed in all sectional doors, whether garage or industrial. They are made of PVC or aluminum.

A safety device against spring cracking and a safety device against cracking of the cable are used in industrial doors of larger dimensions to further ensure the safe operation of the door.


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