Marantec parking ramps


  • opening time 5 – 15 s
  • maximum arm length 6 m (in the double arm variant the length is up to 12 m)
  • 500 – 1.000 opening / closing cycles per day
  • waterproof housing
  • the control unit is built into the ramp

Photo cells

They provide additional security in use

Signal lamp

Ideal for attracting attention. When the ramp moves, the signal lamp illuminates using energy-efficient LED technology.

Additional remote controls

They are available with one or four buttons for different functions, door and light control. For a bag, pocket or lighter in the car.

Wireless PIN keypad

External system management and control unit using a four-digit PIN code. Waterproof, with illuminated buttons and protected from vandalism.

Card reader

Easy-to-use device controls via card reader or key fob, for a maximum of 2000 users.

Led hand lighting

When the arm of the ramp moves, the light flashes, which contributes to better visibility and greater safety


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