Production and installation of steel constructions

In production of steel constructions the following welding procedures are applied

  • 111 – REL
  • 135 – MAG
  • 136 – MAG
  • 141 – TIG (WIG)

All welders are educated and attested for above stated procedures. All pre-activities related to welding, as well as the welder themselves are under permanent control of welding technologists.

Products of the program ROLOMATIK are attested in IMS institute in Belgrade and Faculty of mechanical engineering in Nis, and for all the works we possess the licenses of the Ministry.

  Example of production and building in

On the structure of the company Gorenje HOME in Zajecar, for the needs of solar electric plant, the employees of Rolomatik have produced, transported, and installed steel construction of 60.000 kg within a record deadline of 8 days.

Installation of steel constructions


A team of professionally trained employees is ready to perform works according to the most demanding designs with maximum respect of foreseen deadlines. In order to be ready to answer timely to the clients’ demands, we possess in our ownership several hydraulic platforms of various types for installation works at height.

Final processing of the construction can be hot dip galvanization or painting by liquid procedure with colors on acrylic basis or according to the demand with special colors for fire protection.



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